About me

I feel so lucky to have grown up on a family fruit farm with the freshest, quality produce at my fingertips. It was easy to see my love of fruit- I wore it well. I proudly wore the colorful juices from the pick of the day all over my clothes. We harvested strawberries in May; sweet and sour cherries, peas and beans in June; apricots, peaches, nectarines, plums, and sweet corn in July and August; and apples and pumpkins in the fall.

I began working in our family store and on our production line at a fairly young age. Tons and tons of peaches were unloaded as members of the crew would hand sort them as they rolled by to the buzzy hum of the grader line. I was excited to be a member of the team, even during my elementary years as a box stamper. When I was older, I began to work in our farm market, where I learned how to ensure a quality experience for the customers, providing the very best tree ripened fruit. I enjoyed seeing new and familiar faces each day and sharing a product I truly believed in (and one I couldn't stop eating). 


As a young adult, I became passionate about health, wellness, and fitness by embracing an active lifestyle in and outside of work. I noticed my energy was best in busy summer seasons, snacking on raw fruits and veggies throughout the day. I also become intrigued with the nutritional benefits of a diet abundant in seasonal fruits and vegetables. 


This lead me to pursue an education in Biobehavioral Health and minor in Nutrition to understand the psychology of nutrition and its affects on our biology. I wanted to apply this foundation of knowledge to my true passion of helping and healing others, which led me to where I am today- a physician assistant. 

The journey of a healthy lifestyle for me continues to evolve each day. Over the past year, I have opened my eyes to what truly makes me feel my best. I began to experiment more with a plant based diet after meeting my boyfriend Peter, who had already adopted a plant based lifestyle to address digestive issues. I immediately noticed a boost in energy and mental clarity. My love for cooking and sharing meals with those around me has also blossomed. I enjoy combining ingredients in new ways to create tasty, colorful, and nutritious dishes.


Peter is my biggest supporter and the primary taste tester in the kitchen. He is the one who inspired me to take my passion for health and wellness to a new level, and encouraged me to share this journey with others. As an entrepreneur developing his own business, Darwin, he has been able to experiment more with his love for photography through PA peach. This is a fun new experiment for both of us so enjoy and feel free to share your feedback! :) 


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